Carbonteile recycling


CFRP: From miracle material to disposal nightmare: Pyrolysis as an option!

Recycling of industrial problem materials...

  • Problem waste from industry
    • Glass fiber and carbon fiber composites
    • Electronic waste
    • Industrial sludges (e.g. de-inking sludge), etc.
  • Using pyrolysis, valuable substances from gasifiable components are released.

  • The resulting pyrolysis gas can be used directly as fuel for drying processes or process heat.

Recyclable materials include:

  • Recycled Carbon or Glass Fibers
  • Precious metals
  • etc.



  • CFRP Waste



Pyrolysis Gas

  • High-calorific Gas
  • Recycled Carbon Fiber (r-CF)

Case examples:

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are an integral part of the combination of lightweight and high-strength, rigid component structures. But what happens with production waste or at the end of its service life?

In waste incineration, the electrically conductive carbon fibers cause overlaps in the E filters; the same applies to co-incineration in cement plants. Carbon fibers also form pulp splinters at temperatures above 800°C, which means that thermal disposal is also a health hazard. The final consequence is the landfill or recycling.

Pyrolysis is currently the only solution that separates carbon fibers from the thermoset matrix. In this process, the resin is almost completely converted into pyrolysis gas and the fiber is released and discharged as solid waste from the reactor.

This material can then be reused as a recycled carbon fiber (r-CF) in thermoplastic composites.